Enrollment Form

Take a second to read all about Sugar Plum Nursery School in our Policy and download an enrolment form today!!

School Calendar

  • Sugar Plum Nursery School is only closed for 11 days this year and we do offer holiday club!
  • All our meals are cooked daily with fresh healthy ingredients; take a look at our school menu.

Extra mural activities

At Sugar Plum Nursery School we offer a variety of extra mural activities suited for all age groups.

The Aims of Sugar Plum Nursery School

  • To encourage, include and give every baby/child an equal opportunity to have a desire to discover, learn and gain independence whilst being considerate and aware of others within a group.
  • To develop the potential of each child.
  • To help our children become articulate, inventive, inquisitive, purposeful and caring members of the community.
  • To allow the babies/ children to succeed through an understanding and simulating environment.
  • We work in partnership with parents to provide a preschool education for children that encourages them to develop their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.
  • We give all the children a happy and positive start with a firm foundation on which to begin their main schooling life.
  • At Sugar Plum Nursery School we use the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum from the UK.